About Us

Kefei Biotech is a research-based company that supplies a broad range of quality peptides , hGH , proteins , enzymes , carbohydrates and steroids for life sciences researchers and pharmaceutical industries. Kefei specialize on production of recombinant and natural proteins, peptides, and their derivatives. Kefei Biotech offers a unique range of HGH , steroids , proteins and fine chemicals not available from other sources at competitive prices. Also our products are carefully produced and purified, thoroughly analysed and characterized to achieve the highest possible quality and purity on Kefei HGH and Steroids and all other products we manufacture.

Kefei Biotech HGH and peptides are produced by using intact organisms, such as yeasts and bacteria, or by using natural substances (e.g. enzymes) from organisms. Kefei Biotech makes use of biological systems and processes to manufacture useful products and provide services.

The great breakthrough arrived at Kefei when scientists discovered how hereditary material, DNA, is stored in cells and functions. This knowledge has made it possible for us at Kefei Biotech to change the DNA of a cell in such a way that the properties of a cell could be steered in a certain direction. Armed with this ability, our scientists have succeeded in using biological processes for applications that are useful to people’s health and the future.
The commercial success of Chinese bioproducts and processes depends on scientific, technological and environmental innovation and on a supportive regulatory framework. Nevertheless, Kefei Biotech is currently well placed to develop good products for the market, building on its established strengths:

Kefei Biotech is a Chinese leader in key industrial biotechnologies such as enzyme technologies, and both small- and large-scale fermentation.

Kefei Biotech is very strong in the development and production of biobased specialities (such as HGH , steroids, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals).

Raw materials are available in China, but you must beware of scams and counterfeit products the HGH and anabolic steroid market
has become flooded with a large number of unscrupulous companies selling low grade steroids. The products these companies
promote are not standardized and therefore a health risk.

Kefei Biotechnologies was ranked #1 for its 2015 profits among all Chinese biopharmaceutical companies focused on recombinant
human Growth Hormone ” HGH ” and Anabolic steroids. we are recognized the largest manufacture of HGH ,peptides and anabolic steroids in China.